Campaigning for Camden’s LGBTQ+ history and future


We aren’t currently doing large-scale fundraising but we do appreciate small donations to top up our ‘fighting fund’. Our day-to-day running costs are quite low because our campaign team all give our time and work for free, but we do sometimes have to pay for printing, web hosting and things like that. We would also like to be able to pay for specialist expertise to strengthen our business plans and help us seek larger-scale funding in preparation for freehold/leasehold bids.

If you feel like throwing a few pounds into our fighting fund, click the button below to donate via PayPal

    Holding up a Save the Black Cap Banner
    A line of people supporting the Black Cap

    Black Cap Community

    Campaigning for Camden’s LGBTQ+ history and future.

    A community benefit society regulated by the FCA, number 8525

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